Just the day before Wayne was due to face Liverpool for Manchester United he suffered a freak accident in training that was to rule him out of the game and also England’s World Cup qualifiers. It was a boot by Phil Jones that caught Wayne on the forehead, it was a total accident that left Wayne with a nasty cut that was to prove too dangerous to play in the upcoming games.

Wayne took to his official Facebook page to explain how he was ‘gutted’ to miss the match against Liverpool, and ‘disappointed’ to have had to pull out of the England games. He went on to wish his teammates good luck and was confident they would go onto get the results needed.

There was a lot of questioning surrounding Wayne’s commitment to England due to the fact that he pulled out of the games. He had no other option other than to withdraw from the squad and posted the images of his injury online to show any doubters the severity of the cut, he went on to say, “Some people seem to be questioning my commitment to the England squad and the fact I had to pull out of the 2 games. There’s nothing I would like more than to be helping the lads in the qualifiers. I’m sure people will see from the images the reason why I won’t be able to play.”

England manager Roy Hodgson was amazed that some people rushed to question Wayne’s decision to withdraw from the squad, “This type of thing saddens me, especially for a guy like Wayne Rooney. It’s an horrendous cut so to suggest you can just put a bandage over it and go and play centre forward in two games at Wayne Rooney’s quality it’s laughable really, and it’s a little bit saddening that in people’s desperation to say something, they complain about it. You wouldn’t find one doctor would say Wayne Rooney could play in those two games.”

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