Wayne continues to add to his highlight reel in Major League Soccer. On Wednesday night he scored for DC United from beyond the halfway line for one of the best goals of his long career.

Wayne was well inside his own half when he unleashed the effort past Brian Rowe.

With the game goalless after 10 minutes, two Orlando players ran into each other whilst trying to start an attack. The ball bounced out to Rooney, who didn’t even take a touch before lobbing the ball high over the unsuspecting Orlando goalkeeper, who was well outside his box.

Fans immediately started drawing comparisons between the goal and his effort for Everton against West Ham back in 2017. The goal was also similar to his other long-range strike against West Ham during his Manchester United days.

Thousands of fans took to Twitter to praise the 33-year-old forward after the goal went viral. One fan tweeted: “I see nothing but another normal Rooney moment.”

Wayne continues his great form after having an instant impact on Major League Soccer last season. He named in the Team of the Year after only playing six months, and was named as DC United’s Most Valuable Player for the year.

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